About us

A Little About Us

BestDam Segwaytours is owned an operated by iGo Segway Events & Concepts. A firm believer in clean and fun personal transportation, iGo has been operating Segwaytours and events since 2005. Most likely, there is not a single street in Amsterdam we haven’t visited with our Segways in the past 8 years!

Our experienced Segway instructors will teach you how to safely operate the Segway and will guide you through the Amsterdam traffic.

Amsterdam is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. The city is designed for green transportation devices just like our beloved Segway PT.

Why we love the Segway i2

WARNING! Riding a Segway is extremely addictive. The exhilarating sensation that you get every time you takeoff and glide on this self-balancing intelligent machine will have you wanting your very own.

Nothing else compares to the smooth way it feels to ride the Segway i2. The intelligent design of the i2 automatically senses and responds to your body’s movements making it easy to learn and operate. You’ll be impressed with just how simple it is to master and how natural it feels to glide on a Segway.

Fully electric and very quiet, zero-emissions are given off when you ride a Segway, and it consumes 11 times less energy than the average car. You can glide guilt-free knowing that your Segway fun is cleaner and less harmful to the Earth.

The excitement we get from the Segway i2 is impossible not to share with people. We hope our passion for this modern transportation device spreads to you, the people of Amsterdam and its millions of visitors every year.