About Us

BestDam Segway Tours specializes in offering great tours of Amsterdam. Whether you’re a traveller visiting Amsterdam and want to take in as much of our beautiful city as possible, or you are a company looking for a great group activity for your staff outing or weekend retreat, we have you covered!

We have several great tour options to choose from and are flexible when it comes to creating your very own group tour experience. Besides our public tour offerings for small groups or couples, we can offer private tours for groups of up to 75 persons simultaneously. For more information about our private tours, please contact our office.

During our tours, you get many amazing photo ops and the opportunity to feel like a celebrity for a day while all of Amsterdam turns to watch us glide by!

BestDam Segway Tours uses the newest i2 machines! Come glide with us and start off your visit to Amsterdam with more fun than any other tour! It’s sure to be the highlight of your trip.